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IAMRA’s 2010 conference marks the first in its series of conferences devoted to developing Best Practices in Medical Regulation. An important goal of this conference is to begin to define best practices in the three content areas of Registration/Licensure, Complaints and Resolutions, and Quality Assurance.

High-engagement small group work will allow participants to share their personal experiences, explore common themes, and work to develop guiding principles and practices. The conference program has been designed to ensure relevance to all participants, regardless of their level of expertise, resources, or the current status of their regulatory processes and infrastructure. The small group environment will foster learning among participants as well as professional relationships that can support their work after the conference.

After IAMRA 2010, work will continue to refine the principles and practices developed during the conference, with the goal of presenting the results for review and adoption by IAMRA at its next conference on Best Practices in 2012. As a result, participants in IAMRA 2010 will be at the beginning of an exciting new process that will shape the future of medical regulation.

The IAMRA Institute (September 26)
IAMRA 2010's first event is The IAMRA Institute, an optional workshop that will address universal topics in medical regulation applicable to participants of all experience levels. The Institute will be offered on the afternoon of Sunday, September 26, for an additional fee of US$ 50, and provide a foundation for the conference work to follow. A mix of issues will be addressed by ground-breaking regulatory bodies and premier assessment organizations.

For detailed information on speakers, topics, and the schedule, refer to the IAMRA 2010 Conference Handbook.

Conference Program (September 27-29)
Responding to feedback from past IAMRA conferences, IAMRA 2010 has been designed to enhance relevancy, interactivity, and engagement for all. The conference program, through a combination of presentations by leading medical regulatory experts and structured small group activities, focuses on developing principles and best practices in three important content areas:

  • Registration/Licensure
  • Complaints and Resolutions
  • Quality Assurance (Currency of Competence/Maintenance of Licensure)

In keeping with IAMRA’s belief that communication, participation, and interaction by all are paramount to the success of international collaboration, facilitated small group work will be integral to IAMRA 2010. Three progressive sessions will expose participants to each of the three content areas and will further development of best practices.

  • During Session 1 (Monday morning), each working group will be presented with an issue from one of the three content areas, and participants will be asked to share personal experiences related to this issue.
  • During Session 2 (Monday afternoon), each working group will focus on an issue within a different content area, and participants will identify common themes and emerging principles from the stories shared in Session 1.
  • During Session 3 (Tuesday morning), each working group will tackle an issue from the final content area, and participants will explore the real-world challenges of establishing and implementing best practices based on the principles identified during Session 2.

The important work accomplished at the IAMRA 2010 conference will culminate in a Closing Plenary on Wednesday morning. All conference participants will come together for presentations summarizing the results for each content area, with a focus on best practices. Conference participants will have an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and shared in the small group process. Finally, IAMRA leadership will offer its own reflections and discuss possible next steps.

For detailed information on speakers, topics, small group sessions, and schedules, refer to the IAMRA 2010 Conference Handbook.

IAMRA 2010 Conference Handbook
An advance e-version of the conference handbook is now available. The conference handbook provides detailed information on all aspects of the conference, including program topics and speakers, small group sessions, conference venue, social events, and information on Philadelphia.

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Updated: September 13, 2010